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Promne Trida NK Energy’s Supply & Trading department conducts trading and risk
management activities in crude oil & refined petroleum products around the globe.
While Promne Trida NK’s Supply & Trading department was formed recently, its
trading businesses have grown over the course of more than 10 years, ever since
Promne Trida NK’s predecessor companies first began trading crude oil. Now,
handling one of the world’s most specialized crude oil trading operations to source
crude oil from around the Russian Federation, CIS and Balkan- handling more than
10 types of crude - Promne Trida NK  has the ability to utilize its close political and
commercial relationships with several areas of strengths:
Promne Trida NK's procurement experience from third parties oil companies
provides our clients with a solid advantage in the purchase of prodcts that are
critical to the successful execution of petroleum and petrochemical demand.
Promne Trida NK reserves the right to select suppliers for the procurement process
and cannot promise business to any particular supplier. All suppliers are expected
to honor Promne Trida NK’s Code of Business Conduct and demonstrate
compliance with applicable safety, environmental, and transportation laws and
International Oil Trading
Promne Trida NK Oil trades crude oil, feedstocks, petroleum products, and components worldwide. The company’s Sales &
Trading function sources the crude oil and other feedstocks used by Promneftresources Oil’s refineries,
Promne Trida NK sells petroleum products to customers primarily outside the home market, and handles trading operations. 
Promne Trida NK purchased a total of 14.8 million tons (15.1 million tons) of crude oil and other feedstock’s during 2012.
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Promne Trida NK is a leading player in the Russian and the global energy market. We offer products and services through our
national E&P and our independent market position we can guarantee continuity of supply. The company has reliable experience in
the market segment, thanks to its long-lasting presence on the globally energy markets. It firmly follows customer needs and
provides to clients complex and customized solutions for energy deliveries.
Natural Gas, Crude and Refined Oil Marketing and Services
Promne Trida NK has become an emerging provider of natural gas, crude and refined product marketing services. The company has
worked for the last two decades with businesses ranging from crude oil, natural gas and petrochemical production, gathering and
processing, and transmission, as well as their transport and receiving, petroleum logistics, power generation, and merchant energy
We take pride in our ability to take on difficult, complex projects and deliver effective solutions quickly and transparently. Because
our partnership model is based on collective responsibility, we are careful to assess risk exposure on the ground, in local markets -
where we can see the real relationship between cause and effect. We don’t make decisions based on theoretical modeling or
mathematical abstractions.
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