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The recent Annual General and Special Meeting of Promne Trade NK was held on June 20, 2013
Time and place: Meetings may be convened at such time and place as the Board of Directors may determine. Both
ordinary and extraordinary meetings can be held outside the province of Kazan, Moscow or Baku
Under the AGENDA, an annual meeting of shareholdersis required to be held not later than 15 (fifteen) months after
the holding of the preceding annual meeting, however a corporation may apply to the ALBITRAZH courts for an
order extending the time in which the next annual meeting shall be held.

At each annual meeting of the Issuer:
the annual audited financial statements of the Issuer for the preceding financial year are presented,
the number of directors to hold office is set and the members of the Board of Directors are elected for the ensuing
year (these directors will hold office until the next annual meeting or until their successors are duly elected or
and the auditors of the Issuer are appointed.

No other business is required by the AGENDA to be conducted at an annual meeting of shareholders. All business
transacted at a special (extraordinary) meeting of shareholders and all business transacted at an annual meeting of
shareholders, except above mentioned, is deemed to be special business.

Extraordinary meetings
A special meeting of the Shareholders may be called by the Board of Directors or at the request in writing of
registered and beneficial shareholders possessing at least 5% of the issued and outstanding shares that carry the
right to vote at the meeting sought to be held, but the beneficial shareholders do not thereby acquire the direct right
to vote at a meeting that is called by such shareholders.
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