Our refineries provide one of the most advanced petroleum and
petrochemical, ranging from aviation fuel .Promne Trade NKs
refining and marketing activities include the production of raw
materials and products in refineries as well as their sale and
distribution through the different sales channels.

Promne Trade NK’s plants in 4 regions nationwide produce a
comprehensive range of major petroleum products, highly efficiently
and reliably, with a particular focus on low-emission traffic fuels.
and refining activities. We are contributing to the development of
new energy resources, have ongoing activities in the fields of wind
power and biofuels and are at the forefront in relation to the
implementation of technologies for carbon capture and storage
(CCS ).

In further developing our international business, we intend to utilise
our core expertise in areas such as deep water, heavy oil, harsh
environments and gas value chains in order to exploit new
opportunities and develop high quality projects.


In moving the energy industry up the next level, Russia seeks to
increase its refining capacity from the current 2.3 million barrels per
day. The expansion of existing refineries and optimisation of
refinery operations will not only help to maintain Promne Trade
NK’s share of global refining capacity but more importantly, put the
country in good stead to enhance the growth of its oil trading
activities by creating the critical volume of export-oriented refining
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