Our team has experience spanning a range of sectors, giving us a multifaceted approach to problem solving,
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Promne Trida NK’s expansion into the petrochemicals business, our scientists are
researching the production of ethylene and propylene from alternative liquid
feedstocks. After conversion, the chemicals are suitable for integrated petrochemical
processes. New cracking technologies are helping Promneftresources make new
products in new ways and generate more value from the Kingdom’s natural
resources as well as increasing the company’s intellectual capital.

What we do
Promne Trida NK’s Chemicals team operates nationally and globaly, We are a major
and growing supplier of bulk raw materials from Asia and the Middle East to
European and US chemicals consumers.
We deal directly with petrochemical producers and
consumers, receiving shipments into our worldwide logistics
facilities and using our reach and market knowledge as a
global energy trader to identify and act upon arbitrage

Promne Trida NK’s technical expertise in logistics and
handling of specialized products has proven invaluable in
arranging safe and timely deliveries to meet its

The production of enterprise is used in the metallurgy,
agriculture, mining, chemical and processing industry, in
energy sector and water treatment.

How we do it
We have an in depth understanding of world energy markets
and can react to changes in the chemicals marketplace
quickly and decisively. This knowledge and speed of
response, combined with our ability to move physical
product, means we are able to tolerate price fluctuations and
better manage risk.
if you have any queries relating to your
shareholding pre aquisition, please contact
our depatment with your share code at
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