Promne Trida NK attaches great importance to professional development and public assistance to the employees of the companies forming Promne Trida  structure. There are various scaling public programs developed with regard to the interests and demands of our employees and in cooperation with the trade-unions
Our People
Because  our people  are our most
precious asset, occupational safety
and health are our first consideration
at all times.


Safety is a core value at Promne Trida NK and we are continuously striving to
improve our safety performance - this includes ensuring the safety of our contractors
and service providers. We work closely with our contractors to identify and implement
strategies to improve our safety performance.

Our goals are:
our corporate responsibility is to care for people, society and the environment
No harm to people
A safe and healthy working environment for all personnel
No impact on the health and safety of our neighbours
No accidents

Charity programs financed from the enterprises’ funds are aimed first of all at supporting the veterans and the retired employees as well as the most vulnerable groups of citizens in the regions where the enterprises are present: orphan asylums, kindergartens and clubs, schools, handicapped children, war and labor veterans.
Financial aid is rendered directly as well as through charity funds. Public support is not confined to assigning financial aid; the enterprises’ veterans board arranges visits to sick people, gardeners receive free fertilizers, the veterans’ apartments are repaired at the company’s expense and etc.
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