Our Values
Promneftresources's core values complement and support our strategy. These
values are at the heart of all our day to day activities as well as being reflected in our
policies and procedures. At the centre of these values is creativity, the heart of our
business. The foundations of the company rest on professionalism and respect, and
our spirit comes from our tenacity and dynamism.

We are a major integrated energy company, committed to growth in the activities
of finding, producing, transporting, transforming and marketing oil and gas. Promne
Trida men and women have a passion for challenges,continuous improvement,
excellence and particularly value people, theenvironment and integrity.

Our vision is to bring energy to the world with Promneftresources strategy. Our
core values of Safety and Sustainability, Passion, Integrity, Reliability, Innovation
and Teamwork guide us in all that we have done and will do.
We provide employees with necessary resources, equipment and
training to deliver according to designated responsibilities
We cooperate with our contractors and suppliers based on mutual respect

We stop unsafe acts and operations
We apply clean and efficient technologies to reduce the negative
environmental  impact of existing operations.

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Our commitment is
to offer the best products and services always.
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