Promne Trida NK with the help of its subsidiary company always apply new technologies for achivement of high oil production rates -
construction of horizontal wells and down-hole splitters - are all among the most effective tecchnologies in terms of the wells casing
quality. Besides its own research structures, Promne Trida NK also counts on a wide-ranging network of contacts as well as co-
operations with important university research laboratories both in Russian Federation.
The production phase involves production of oil and gas and also water, in different proportions. Value creating factors in this phase
are production well planning, maintaining the rate of production and maximising the life of the accumulation by injecting gas or water
into specifically designed injector wells to maintain the pressure.
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Domestically, Promne Trida NK conducts exploration and production near existing reserves while also exploring other areas of Russian Federation
Promne Trida NK provides the world of oil and gas exploration with quality seismic
data acquisition, processing and interpretation solutions. This is delivered via cutting-
edge technology and integrated services and supported by flexible project
management and ongoing R&D activities.
We think globally and act locally - making the most of our exploration experience in
Russia and beyond. We also believe in the pioneering spirit of our business and aim
to be the first in everything we do.
Our number one concern remains the health, safety and wellbeing of our employees.
We are also mindful of our impact on the environment and the communities in which
we operate. When it comes to these priorities, we strive to lead by example. We
apply 3D seismic technology to improve the results of our exploration activities and
reduce the risks of test wells.
Promne Trida NK obtained the right for exploration and development of oil, gas, and
condensate fields through participation in tenders, as well as through purchase of a
part of business of other oil companies in the richest oil regions of Russian
federation,Promneftresources also purchase oil and petrochemical products from the
third parties oil companies.
Geological exploration is of a strategic importance to Russia as oil and gas industry
plays a fundamental role in the Russian economy. In order to maintain its status as
the world leader in oil and gas and support current production volumes, it is important
to conduct exploration and discovery of new reserves.Promne Trida Holding, is one of
the largest oil and gas  geological, exploration and production company in Russia
Federation,  is providing critical support to the development of the Russian oil and
gas industry. We can only move forward by constantly evolving and introducing new
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