Our financial dicipline, a strong balance sheet, and capacity to internally generate cash flows provide us the means to grow,
Promne Trida Neftyanaya Kompaniya a world-class integrated oil and gas company based in Russian Federation. Founded in 2003, we have, within ten years of existence, made significant strides in the upstream and downstream sector of the oil and gas industry in Russian Federation. It is the largest independent player (not listed on the stock exchange or state affiliated) in the Western European downstream oil market,
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We specialize in processing crude oil into world-class unleaded petrol, diesel,
heating oil, and aviation fuel as well as plastics and other petroleum related

We hold licences for onshore and offshore oil and gas exploration throughout
the Russian Federation. One of our shared priorities is to appraise and exploit
oil and natural gas from unconventional plays. Our adopted development
direction is to transform Promne Trida into a multiutility complex with a foothold
in the power generation business.  Promne Trida NK is an independent oil &
gas company with operations in Russian Federation, CIS and the Caspian,
Promne Trida NK is involved in operations both onshore and offshore.

Promne Trida NK is a vertically integrated oil company with a diversified
upstream and downstream portfolio in Russia Federation, turkmenistan,
Kergizstan and Uzbekestan. The company’s upstream operations are located
primarily in West Siberia (Khanty-Mansiysk and Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous
Districts, Tyumen Region), East Siberia (Irkutsk Region), and Volga-Urals
(Orenburg Region).

Promne Trida NK currently produces approximately 1.20 m  boepd, in 2011
excluding its 20% and 10%  share in two of the Russian major oil companies).
Promne Trida NK is present in Russian major exploration basins. While
Promne Trida's NK growth has been driven by acquisitions, the Group's
strategy evolved rapidly towards increasing production and reserves, renewing
licenses and securing additional acreage for new exploration and development
Existing Assets
Promne Trida NK's commitment to its stakeholders demands that it continually works to maximize delivery from the existing
assets. The company strives to improve current field production levels with flexible programs designed to advance completions
design, flow assurance, artificial lift and performance prediction.

Promne Trida NK now has a balanced portfolio with a solid production base, development projects and high quality exploration
prospects. A core component of Promne Trida NK's policy has also been to be operator of its assets. As a responsible operator,
we are proud to be a partner of choice and to maintain the highest safety and environmental standards.

if you have any queries relating to your
shareholding pre aquisition, please contact
our depatment with your share code at
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