International Oil Trading

Promne Trida Oil trades crude oil, feedstocks, petroleum products, and components worldwide. The company’s Sales & Trading function sources the crude oil and other feedstocks used by Promne Trida Oil’s refineries, sells petroleum products to customers primarily outside the home market, and handles trading operations. Promne Trida NK purchased a total of 14.8 million tons (15.1 million tons) of crude oil and other feedstocks during 2012.

Doing Business With Us

Promne Trida NK offers timely and efficient sales and execution services to Petroleum and Petrochemical clients globally.  Promne Trida’s global sales and trading team is passionate about connecting the right idea with the right client at the right time.  Our approach combines international intelligence, market savvy and sector expertise, with the support of high-quality, actionable, idea-driven research.  We are committed to developing solid client relationships that allow institutional investors to gain meaningful access to established and emerging entrepreneurs.

We are committed to providing valued services to our clients throughout the entire lifecycle of your business and operating as one of the leading Russian independent oil and gas exploration and producing - expansive in resources and reach, but targeted in industry expertise, market focus and individual client attention. our supply portfolio includes access to significant volumes of equity LNG and gas-to-liquids products.

Supply & Trading

Our Trading department deals with the national and the international trade in crude oil, petrochemical products and bio oil products, both for the Group and for third parties.
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Promne Trida NK Energy maintain our legacy of reliability, our operations span
through the Russian Federation and range from exploration and producing to
refining, chemicals, distribution and marketing. Promne Trida NK’s main
operational objective is to deliver sustainable growth and create value for our
shareholders through selective targetted exploration and transformation of
resources to reserves at low cost

We incorporate an exploration driven strategy in low cost areas with high
hydrocarbons potential. With successful exploration, we will focus on
transforming resources to reserves at low cost minimizing the time from
discovery to first production.

What We  Do
Promne Trida NK,s explore, produce, refine and as well  source from a wide
range of national Petroluem companies and selling to a wide range of
customers both within and international market. The same global coverage
applies to refined products and feedstocks and  natural gas.
Our Worldwide Customers Include: major oil companies,
international shipping  firms, trading firms and resellerst.
if you have any queries relating to your
shareholding pre aquisition, please contact
our depatment with your share code at
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