Promne Trida NK’s main role is to develop a profitable company that provides jobs, tax revenues and builds local competence.
Promne Trida NK is a leading Russian energy explorer, developer and producer that is focused on growing its strong portfolio of diverse resource plays producing natural gas, oil and natural gas liquids. By partnering with employees, community organizations and other businesses, Promne Trida Neftyanaya Kompaniya contributes to the strength and sustainability of the communities where it operates.

We specialize in processing crude oil into world-class unleaded petrol, diesel, heating oil, and aviation fuel as well as plastics and other petroleum related products.
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We behave fairly, ethically and are accountable for our actions. We believe in, and act on, We are commit to culture, society, and partners.
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Promne Trida NK entered into current negotiations with the Kenyan National Petroleum Refinery,

Promne Trida NK begins preparations for modernizing it's energy producing facilities in all areas of - environmental impact assessment process initiated.
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